On-site Consulting & Training

Training is included with most capital purchases, but if you should find yourself in need of training on an item you purchase, we can help you succeed! Both local support and customer ideas have influenced the expansion of our product line, resulting in a direct impact on the direction and success of Featherstone Supply.

As we venture further into 2008, we will continue to be faced with opportunities from a vast array of emerging technologies that will power our industry. Featherstone Supply, Inc. has prepared for these challenges so we can be your source for quality products to help you meet safety, accuracy, and customer service goals to make your firm more productive.

If you have any questions about our products or would like to inquire about a specialty order, please call us at 315-469-0143 or contact us online. Our commitment to the industry is to bring products to market competitively priced and to keep you as one of our satisfied customers.

We look forward to talking to you soon and thank you in advance for your support of Featherstone Supply, Inc.

Phone Consultations

Pam Featherstone is a subject-matter expert with the Gerson Lehrman Group regarding GPS topics. Consultations are available by phone for $150 per hour. Click here for more information.

A Word from Thew Associates About Featherstone

Thew Associates PE-LS, PLLC is continually expanding our technical and geographic service areas in the surveying community and Featherstone Supply has been an integral part of our structured growth and success. We rely on Pam and her staff to provide us with candid opinions regarding GPS technology, total stations, and/or data collectors. As an independent supplier, Featherstone is able to recommend and deliver the equipment best suited for our applications, regardless of the manufacturer.

Pam provides service that is heads and shoulders above the competition. Unlike other surveying equipment suppliers, Featherstone has allowed our staff to demo products for extended periods and provide the technical assistance required to ensure the equipment satisfies our objectives.

Featherstone is our sole vendor for surveying equipment and supplies. We have purchased from the discount suppliers and have found Featherstone's costs are comparable, but their service and knowledge is unparalleled.

We look forward to our continued relationship with Featherstone Supply and are confident that their commitment to quality and service will allow our firm continued success.



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