Global Positioning Systems

TDS Epoch 25

TDS Epoch 25

The EPOCH 25 L1/L2 RTK GPS System provides robust field performance for rugged surveying conditions. Spectra Precision GPS technology for accurate and reliable real-time positioning is ideal for topographic surveying and setout. Survey Pro software is the ideal field software for EPOCH 25, providing the option of a fast, one-person surveying solution.

A system includes the base and rover EPOCH 25 L1/L2 GPS antenna and receiver, plus a short- or long-range Pacific Crest radio modem. To complete the system, you'll need a data collector. You can buy a bundle that includes a TDS Recon 200 or 400 with Survey Pro GPS, or use a TDS Ranger or Recon that you already own. All components are built for outdoor rugged environments in any weather.

The EPOCH 25 is a highly productive measurement solution, allowing the user to collect topographic data and stake layout detail. The system operates without line-of-sight between points, and it can operate anytime, in any weather, thereby offering much greater productivity over traditional optical surveying techniques.

The EPOCH 25 offers high-quality measurement results in several modes including RTK and Static by using advanced L1/L2 GPS technology.

What's Special About the Epoch 25 GPS System

L1/L2 antenna
The EPOCH 25 antenna is robust and rugged - designed to handle drops up to 6 feet (2 meters), weather extremes and more. It limits signal interference ("multipath"), providing you with an accurate reading every time.

L1/L2 receiver
A high precision GPS receiver, the EPOCH 25 L1/L2 receiver offers superior satellite tracking and optimal precision and low power usage.

TDS Ranger and Recon
Your EPOCH 25 System works with both the TDS Ranger and the Recon, shortening your learning curve. The Ranger and Recon have been designed with land surveyors in mind, able to keep up with you all day long in harsh conditions.

Survey Pro software
Survey Pro software, the industry standard, is the field software of choice for EPOCH 25. Or, choose Survey Pro Basic, designed specifically for use with EPOCH 25.

Office software
You have two office software options for EPOCH 25 - Spectra Precision Survey Office (SPSO) and TDS ForeSight DXM. SPSO provides the ability to work with RTK and Static/PPK data to generate reports and more. Or, use ForeSight DXM to transfer and manage your data.

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