To whom it may concern;

I am a self-taught surveyor of 11 years now. I have progressed from tape and levels to the total station and then on to GPS. When Marcy Excavation Company decided it was time to purchase GPS surveying equipment we made some calls. A dealer showed with crew of 3, two days later the base was operational and I staked out my first handful of stakes with GPS. For the next two weeks I tried to set up my base without any success. After multiple phone calls per day I might succeed to become operational for the last few hours of work. Field reps would have to come reprogram, or change out radios, antenna, or cables a couple times a week. The decision was made- WE DO NOT NEED GPS AT THIS POINT WITH THIS MANY COMPLICATIONS.

And along came Pam Featherstone with her Trimble 5700 package. I really didn't want to take time off my already backlogged schedule for a demo, but I did. The day Pam showed up for her demo, the job was shut down from heavy rains. Pam set up her base unit and calibrated to the same points; along with the explanation of;"HOW TO"; with no complications in about 1.5 hours. We then trudged through the mud and water as she showed me the programs in the TSC1 that would be useful in the type of survey/layout that we do. Pam's knowledge of the equipment and her teaching skills were top of the line and the only reason we now own that very same package she demo'd. I never once had a problem setting up the base or any surveying functions that year. My only phone calls to Pam were general what's up and how happy we were with her equipment. Any questions I had as I used TGO were addressed immediately over the phone WITHOUT ANY "can I call you back tomorrow". We now own that unit going on three years soon.

As I dig deeper into TGO questions still happen along, as usual I still call the only person I trust for the answers; PAM FEATHERSTONE. I know I can use the Trimble support web site but you always get more then just the answer to the question at hand, you'll end up with the latest info from Trimble or a unique finding some other surveyor has passed onto Pam.

In conclusion: Pam is a wealth of knowledge in the field of surveying, not just the GPS end of things. Many questions have been answered without hesitation on older total stations and their data collectors. Pam seems to always go more than the extra mile needed to survive today's world. I know that I can always count on Pam for any support now or in the future. We are not just a customer number, we are real people, doing a real job, with real quality equipment. With a friend on the other end of the phone or with passing visits to our job sites, Pam always keeps us in check.

In the future, Marcy Excavation Company would consider purchasing any of our surveying equipment or updates from PAM FEATHERSTONE due to her superior knowledge and pleasant personality.


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