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The Recon starts at only $1799! Contact us today at (315) 469-0143 for your demo of The Recon and more information!

The new Trimble® Recon® X-Series handheld computer delivers maximum performance and reliability in a lightweight and extremely rugged design that's easy to carry. Featuring optional embedded Bluetooth and 802.11g wireless, the waterproof Recon weighs just 17 ounces, meets military specifications for drops, vibration, and both high and low temperature operation, and runs Windows Mobile 5.0. With rounded edges to fit comfortably in your hand, the Recon works wherever and whenever you need it.

You can count on Trimble Recon handheld computer when portability, data security and maximum operating time are crucial. The innovative modular design saves time and money on long-term service and provides customization options to suit your different applications. The PowerBoot ModuleT integrates a 3800 mAh battery pack with industry-standard 9-pin serial and USB ports into a single component you can easily replace even in the field. A standard CF-CapT protects the two CompactFlash (CF) slots from rain, wind, and dust.

Various modules add even more versatility: The Extended CF-CapT provides room for large CompactFlash cards such as GPS. The Midsize CF-CapT makes room for cards like GPRS, and RFID. And the Optical CF-CapT provides a small window in the cap to allow for a bar code scanner or CF card digital camera. The AA PowerBoot ModuleT lets you run the Recon for eight to 16 hours on two AA alkaline or lithium batteries.

The Trimble Recon X-Series handheld computer features a high-performance 200 MHz or 400 MHz Intel XScale processor, 64 MB of RAM, and 128 or 256 MB of nonvolatile Flash storage to protect data from resets or even complete power loss. A color daylight-visible display with front light and touchscreen allow you to take full advantage of your software's features. And with Microsoft® Windows Mobile® version 5.0 software, the new Recon runs all the applications you use most, including Mobile versions Word, Outlook®, PowerPoint and Excel.

You never want to compromise in your work. With the Recon, you don't have to.

Windows CE Operating System
With the Recon's Pocket PC operating system, you can run all the applications you use most.
Handwriting Recognition
The Recon includes a variety of input options, including handwriting recognition.
Full Color Display
A color screen allows you to take full advantage of your software's features. (Image shown is TDS SOLO View)

The Recon starts at only $1799!

Contact us today for your Recon demo and more information!


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