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You can always rely on Featherstone supply to keep your equipment working its best, now and in the future. All units will go directly in for factory service with fast turn around and a top notch Trimble tech team working on your repairs.

Featherstone Supply will repair all major brands of optical tribrachs, levels, lock levels, transits, theodolite and now repairing steel tapes. Call us for your phone estimate today.

Featherstone Supply is also experienced in instrument restoration. We can recondition that old instrument whether it is for your shelf or a tripod. Call us for rates on your make and model.

Pamela Featherstone

Pamela Featherstone is the President of Featherstone Supply Inc. A graduate of the NYS Ranger School '90, she has pursued field and office experience in many facets of Land Surveying, Engineering and Construction. In 1994 she began her career with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and is involved in supporting a wide variety of field and office procedures pertaining to GPS.

Pamela is on the board of advisors for the SUNY Cobleskill GIS board, and is a member of the GPS Advisors Council, the New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors, as well as a technical advisor for many end users applying GPS technology in both construction and Land Surveying.

Pamela has sales experience pertaining to Surveying, Mapping and Construction products such as the machine Control GPS and Robotic guided Graders, Dozers and Trimmers.
Pamela Featherstone



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