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Focus on productivity
The Spectra Precision FOCUS 10 series consists of Servomotor and Robotic optical Total Stations featuring exceptional speed, accuracy and reliability. FOCUS 10 Total Stations also deliver maximum efficiency, precision and affordability. With a choice of angle accuracies, the FOCUS 10 Total Stations are the solution you've been looking for.

From high-order control surveys to topographic data collection or fast-paced construction stakeout, you can rely on a FOCUS 10, even in harsh outdoor conditions. Easy to use, affordable and tough, the Spectra Precision FOCUS 10 series was designed to meet all your surveying needs.

The FOCUS 10 offers a line of four Servomotor and Robotic Total Stations.

What's Special About the Focus 10 Total Stations

Angle Measurement Accuracy
FOCUS 10 Total Stations have a range of angle accuracies to suit a variety of applications. Choose from 3" for high-angular precision suitable for most land surveying applications or 5" for the ultimate topographical survey solution.

Reflectorless technology
FOCUS 10 Total Stations come standard with long-range, reflectorless technology, allowing you to measure remote objects without a prism, using a Class I eye-safe laser. You can actually reach to greater than 1,970 feet to a 90% reflective Kodak Gray Card and 656 feet to an 18% reflective Kodak Gray Card.

The Robotic choice in FOCUS 10 Total Stations provides wireless communication between the rod and the instrument. This drives and manages measurements completely at the rod. With a FOCUS 10 Robotic Total Station, optical surveys can be performed with only one operator.

FOCUS 10 Servomotor Total Stations are motor-driven, to quickly and reliably increase your staking productivity. FOCUS 10 Servomotors control horizontal and vertical motion, so there's no need for traditional motion locks.

The Complete Solution
FOCUS 10 series Total Stations are part of a complete data collection system from TDS. You can connect your Total Station to a rugged Recon data collector with TDS Survey Pro for more flexible, powerful data collection capabilities.

TDS and Spectra Precision
Spectra Precision surveying equipment is a no-nonsense economical line of products that utilizes proven technology, so you can be at your most efficient. With Spectra Precision products from Tripod Data Systems you can count on precision, affordability and field-proven technology. Plus you'll receive the same outstanding service and free tech support provided with all TDS products.

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