FOCUS Total Stations

FOCUS Total Stations - FOCUS 30

Spectra FOCUS 30

• StepDrive technology
• LockNGo technology
• Featuring Spectra Precision® Survey Pro™ software onboard
• Three Robotic models 2", 3" and 5" accuracies
• Long-range, reflectorless distance measurement
• High-precision prism measurements
• GeoLockT technology

Introducing the powerful Spectra Precision® FOCUS® 30 Total Station. The FOCUS 30 fully robotic motorized solution provides the same usability as a mechanical total station, but with improved speed, accuracy and precision in measurement. A robotic instrument moves the power of the observer from the instrument to the range pole improving the quality of your work.

All robotic instruments require:
• motorized drive system at the instrument • a tracking sensor to track the range pole and prism • a communication connection between the instrument and range pole and prism

The speed of observation and precise positioning of the FOCUS 30 robotic total station is provided by patented StepDrive technology. StepDrive controls the horizontal and vertical motion of the motors, so there is no need for traditional motion locks. Using the motorized drives it is possible to precisely turn to, and repeat angle measurements. This results in quick and reliable measurements which substantially increases your staking productivity. Each FOCUS 30 model includes a tracking sensor that uses LockNGo technology enabling the instrument to constantly lock onto the prism. The benefit of LockNGo technology is the ability to follow the prism at all times and reduce downtime from not having to re-point the instrument on every observation.

To maintain contact between the FOCUS 30 instrument and the remote observer with the range pole and prism, the robotic solution must include a communication link. The FOCUS 30 uses an integrated 2.4 GHz radio modem as does the Spectra Precision RangerT data collector. The 2.4 GHz radio modems provide interference free robotic data communications. Once your robotic communications have been established you can control all the functions of the FOCUS 30 from the range pole as you move through the job site making measurements. This makes it possible for a single surveyor to perform high accuracy stakeout or topographic surveys by themselves. From high-order control surveys to topographic data collection or fast-paced construction stakeout, you can rely on a FOCUS 30, even in harsh outdoor conditions.

The FOCUS 30 total station is combined with Spectra Precision Survey Pro field software, providing you with world class software solutions for any surveying situation. An example of these features includes a unique robotic software technology that can be used when associating the FOCUS 30 with a low-cost GPS receiver and Survey Pro software. This combination of technologies allows the user to take full advantage of the Spectra Precision GeoLockT technology to keep locked on target.

The Spectra Precision GeoLock field software technique allows a robotic total station to perform an aided search for an optical target using an initial GPS position. The remote instrument can then be directed towards the robotic roving operator using the GPS position and a subsequent search is quickly performed to re-acquire the target at the robotic rover. This technique greatly reduces wasted time, improving your field work efficiency.

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